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“The true value of this Challenge is not the hundreds of hours of research and build done for you – but in the design in making your development achievable. These marginal gains and improvements add up to real change and you don’t even notice how much you are achieving.” Anthony Lawton – Project Driver

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“Make time to Save time! – a brilliant, well researched programme…” Dr Ambreen Qureshi, Clinical Director, RAVEN PCN

“Anthony’s work in utilising innovative approaches to strategic challenges is outstanding… saving time is  Anthony’s superpower.” Chris Griffiths – Founder / CEO, OpenGenius & AYOA

I’ve made significant changes to the way I workIt just feels like I can breatheDon’t try to second guess it… There are tricks in here that take it to another level” Melanie Brown – Senior Project Manager – MH (CCG)

Enjoy it! … It’s giving me a framework to work within and that is the key” Andrew Clayton – Head of Digital (CCG)

Give yourself some thinking timeInvolve your team as well” Julie Langley Programme Lead Unscheduled Care (CCG)








Most Time Saving Efforts Are Flawed And Ineffective… The “SAVE TIME CHALLENGE” Will Fix Your Bad Habits And Transform Your Results

From: Anthony Lawton
Greater Manchester, England
What would it mean to you if from the comfort and safety of your home or office you could, in just 5 days, lay the foundation to save many hours of your valuable time every week for the rest of your career? 3, 5 or even more hours every week… that you could choose to spend with your family?
Well…you can with the SAVE TIME CHALLENGE
Better still…
You can do it WITHOUT spending a penny!
And, providing you accept the Challenge… you can achieve results that you never thought possible.
In fact, if any of the following apply to you… then the SAVE TIME CHALLENGE is EXACTLY what you’re looking for…

How Many Apply To You?

You’re frustrated with the current hours your having to put in at work

You’d like to more time with your family but you don’t want to let work colleagues down

You’ve tried numerous ways to cut down your hours but still your results don’t match your efforts

You’d like to finally know ‘how to make time work for you’ so you can increase your productivity with EVERY minute of the day

You want results quickly and you don’t want to have to dedicate dozens of hours of your own time to get them

You’d love a proven system that could accurately ‘score’ the effectiveness your time management

If One Or More Boxes Apply to You…

I’d Like To Invite You To Take The SAVE TIME CHALLENGE – FREE

Yes, that’s right. For a limited time you can take the ‘SAVE TIME CHALLENGE’ completely FREE. There is, however, one small catch…

You promise to put half an hour aside during each day of the challenge to complete the assignments.

That’s all.

Now I’m sure you’ll agree that’s not much of a catch, especially if you’re always stressed out and want to get control of your life. But, of course, if you do nothing, you’ll simply keep making the wrong decisions – day in day out.

I promise you that if you apply what you’ll discover during the Challenge, you WILL achieve transformational results… in most cases even DURING the 5-day Challenge!

That’s because the SAVE TIME CHALLENGE shows you how to expertly apply the techniques that actually make your career work.

What You Get When You Enrol In The SAVE TIME IN 5 DAYS CHALLENGE…

Each Day you will receive:

1. Video Tutorials on the topic, the logic and evidence behind it and a detailed and practical explanation.

2. A template / workbook to support your progress

Yes I Accept The Save Time Challenge!

BUT – Why Is The Challenge FREE?

The Save Time Challenge Is Free (at least for now) because:

a) We want to make a difference and support the NHS and

b) This is a great opportunity for you to see how we work so that you might consider working with us on other programmes in the future.




This particular challenge ends soon, if you don’t grasp this opportunity now, the chances are, you never will – so just take you a few minutes to register – do it now.