The TEAM Time Saving Challenge

Pre Challenge Preparation

So that we can maximise our time together and generate most value, it’s very important to review this before the challenge starts. Thank You!

Step 1 Introduction:

A short clip to explain how this all works and to manage your expectations – we plan to have a bit of fun along the way!

Step 2 – Background

  1. Watch the short video (to the right)
  2. Get Organised: (Get this right from the start)
  • Please find / order a small A4 folder / binder to keep all your daily programme print offs in.
  • Set up an email Directory + Computer File Directory for all your emails and files / templates from Project Driver.

REMEMBER – the sequence of the programme is essential. DO NOT move on to another day until you have fully completed the previous day.

Points Make Prizes 🙂

  1. Throughout this Challenge you will be rewarded with Points for your various actions and achievements
  2. You will get a Prize when you hit 100 Points
  3. The Team winner (with the most points at the end of the course) can also hold themselves up as the “Ultimate Champ” of the team from then on-wards

Step 3 – Save Time – Set Up Ayoa Now

  1. We are going to use this Tool “Ayoa” as an efficient Communication Tool on the Challenge (IT’S FREE)
  2. Please [click this link] to register now – it’s free
  3. Please email with the email that you have registered in Ayoa with and with your Organisation that is taking part in the TEAM Save Time Challenge


This Setup & Emailing Anthony WILL EARN YOU 10 POINTS!

Then you can be set up in the Ayoa Challenge Mind Map in advance of the start of the Challenge.

Thank You!