TEAM – Scientific Ways Of Working (WOW)

This is a big topic – Ways of Working – WOW.

  1. Watch today’s short video (to the right)
  2. Set up your diary in this New W.O.W. – plan to start with at least 30 mins per day of “Deep Work”.
  3. Print off today’s document as a memory aid and file in your folder – Click Here
  4. Apply these principles and techniques every day from now onwards. Use your daily template (from Day 1) to track your progress and dedication
  5. Also – continue to print of and complete your daily template – EVERY DAY.

Set Up Your First Draft Calendar Structure = 10 Points

Step 2 – Action – Set Your Goal

  1. Watch the short video (to the right)
  2. Click here to complete today’s practical input (
  3. Organisation: (Get this right from the start)
  • Reminder: Please find / order a small A4 folder / binder to keep all your daily programme print offs in – and insert the first Goal / Why template that you have completed
  • Set up an email Directory + Computer File Directory for all your emails and files / templates from Project Driver.

Set Up Your Stickk Commitment  = 10 Points

Bonus 5 Points if you add a Financial Commitment!

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