The TEAM – Scientific Meeting System Programme

Here is an introduction to a system that WILL have a big impact on your time and productivity – so please make sure that you follow this carefully. 

  1. Watch today’s comprehensive video (to the right)
  2. Click here to download today’s System Template
  3. Print off several templates (print both sides) and use as your planing and evaluation tool for every meeting from now onwards – for at least the next 3 weeks / until this becomes second nature!
  4. Start your meetings transformation – one meeting at a time!


[Score a Meeting Today = 5 Points + Share Your Insights in Ayoa for a BONUS 5 Points]

Step 2 – Action – Set Your Goal

  1. Watch the short video (to the right)
  2. Click here to complete today’s practical input (
  3. Organisation: (Get this right from the start)
  • Reminder: Please find / order a small A4 folder / binder to keep all your daily programme print offs in – and insert the first Goal / Why template that you have completed
  • Set up an email Directory + Computer File Directory for all your emails and files / templates from Project Driver.

[Commit to a goal in Stickk = 5 Points + Add a financial incentive for a BONUS 5 Points]

This is a high impact system – please follow it and your results will follow!



If you have enjoying this challenge – please copy this link below and share with other Management Teams.



To Access the Mind Map with all the details and notes – [Click Here]

The ProjectDriver YouTube Channel (Find out about Ayoa & Screencastomatic here)

A Video Explaining the Anxiety Gap

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