The Save Time Challenge – Day 3

Step 1 – Estimate (5 Mins)

Today we are going to explore what you think about your current workloads and where you think there might be pockets of waste. Then in part two, we are going to start get a little more scientific about all this…

Again, another important day, so please shut yourself away and focus carefully on this session. (Please make sure that you have completed all previous sessions / templates before you begin).

  1. Watch today’s short videos (to the right)
  2. Click here to complete today’s practical Template (watch the Part 1 video above first). NB Spend about 5 minutes thinking about this template – (you don’t need to over think at this stage).
  3. Print this completed Template for your folder.

Step 2 – Note Your Activity & Waste Throughout The Day

  1. Watch the Part 2 Video & follow it to set up your time & waste tracking process 
  2. Click here for the software (If you choose to do it this way.)
  3. Record your time and waste “Diligently” throughout the full day – you must capture a full day.

NB YOU CAN DO THIS ON PAPER IF YOU WISH TO – but either way – watch the full video to understand the process.

Step 3 – Calculate Your Estimated Weekly Waste (from your data)

Here we go! Analysis Time 🙂  If you love analysis – great. If not, don’t worry we have put a lot of thought and effort into making this as simple as possible.

  1. Watch today’s short video (to the right) (still watch and follow the same logic if you captured your day’s time and waste on paper).
  2. Click here to download today’s Template
  3. Take a screenshot of the completed template and email your Accountability Partner with your summary findings.

Well done for completing – this is a major step on our journey.

Thanks to Beta testing and Devil’s Advocate, we have produced an example template / calculation – please watch this short video to the right.

NB This example is also in the second tab within the template (above)

If you are enjoying this challenge and getting a lot of value from it – please copy this link and share with other NHS Colleagues. Remember – it’s free! Your colleagues will probably thank for for all support that will help them to save time!