The Save Time Challenge – Day 2

This is all about resilience. You need this more than ever. This is more important than you realise.

Today we are going to discover the real you, what you value the most and where you add most value! This is a very important session, so please shut yourself away and focus carefully on this session.

Today should be a full 30 mins. (Please make sure that you have completed all previous sessions / templates before you begin).

  1. Watch today’s short videos (to the right)
  2. Click here to complete today’s practical Template (watch the Part 1 video above first). NB Spend at least 15 minutes thinking about this template – really think about your role. Memorise your conclusions!
  3. Watch the Part 2 Video
  4. Click here for the part 2 templateprint for your folder.

REMEMBER – the sequence of the programme is essential. DO NOT move on to anther day until you have fully completed the previous day.

ps give your accountability partner a brief heads up on what you have done today if it has made you think.

You can click the image below if you would like to print off as an aid memoir (it will make sense when you watch the video!) 

Part 1

Part 2


Margaret Wheatley 1)  Faith – [Click Here]

Margaret Wheatley 2) Joy in teamwork [Click Here]

Main Resources Page [Click Here]

If you are enjoying this challenge and getting a lot of value from it – please copy this link and share with other NHS Colleagues.