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All our work focuses on getting Teams to work positively together and to work smart, which in turn generates incredible results.

We dedicate our work to increasing morale, productivity and wellbeing within the workforce.

Project Driver combines the science of how your brain works with “practical” project management techniques so that we GET THINGS DONE!

Anthony’s work in utilising innovative approaches to strategic challenges is outstanding. So much so that I used two of his case studies during a recent keynote I had to deliver at Stanford University CME Live in front of 600 leading medical professionals.  Time is our most valuable resource, and whilst we cannot manage time, we can manage ourselves, and to do so we need to make the most informed decisions possible. This is Anthony’s superpower.

Chris Griffiths

Founder / CEO, OpenGenius & AYOA, Best Selling Author ’The Creative Thinking Handbook’

What is most important?

It is people, it is people, it is people.

We are faithful to the human spirit and believe that everyone can be

Generous, Creative and Kind.

We all have a common thread – we want to

Earn, Learn and Belong

It’s our job to create the environment to support these interactions and goals.

“Anthony has really helped our team with a system of new ways of working. It has huge potential in terms of supporting thinking, planning, deep drill down, project and task management, prioritisation, allocation of tasks, reduction in duplication etc.” Melanie Brown – Senior Project Manager – NHS Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group

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