Welcome to the Raven PCN Board Recruitment Process

Thank you for taking the time to look at this page and show an interest in your PCN. Here at Raven, we are passionate about making a significant improvement in care to the patients of Rotherham and we are passionate about making GP Practices more sustainable and profitable in the process.

We believe that this is possible because Primary care REALLY understand patients needs and how all healthcare systems work (and where the weaknesses and inefficiencies are). We believe that Primary Care working together can make change happen which will generate improvements AND make all of our lives easier too!

But we can’t do this to the best of our ability without you! We need key input from EVERY area of Primary Care – everyone of us is important and has key insights that we need to know about. This PCN is inclusive and wants to hear everyone’s voice. 

Now is the time for the PCN to step to another level of professionalism so that we can make these big impacts and the PCN Board is an essential step in our strategy.  If this sounds interesting and you would like to share your voice and ideas – then please read on and watch the supporting videos. Thank you.

Dr Ambreen Qureshi – Clinical Director – Raven PCN

Why does the PCN need a Board?

Who is needed on the Board?

What would be expected of me as a Rep?

ok – I’m interested – What are the Next Steps ?