Programme 2 – Save MORE Time – Day 5 (Last Day)

Let’s end with a Bang as as well! This is a big topic – Ways of Working – WOW.

(Don’t start today unless all previous sessions have been fully completed.)

  1. Watch today’s short video (to the right)
  2. Set up your diary in this New W.O.W. – plan to start with at least 30 mins per day of “Deep Work”.
  3. Print off today’s document as a memory aid and file in your folder – Click Here
  4. Apply these principles and techniques every day from now onwards. Use your daily template (from Day 1) to track your progress and dedication
  5. Also – continue to print of and complete your daily template – EVERY DAY.

End of the week – Please spend a few minutes on reflecting about this last five days – click here and free text as much as you like – all feedback is completely anonymous. THANK YOU.

Please spend 2 minutes feeding back on this Programme - this is all bout constant improvement and your insights really help.

Please click here

We REALLY appreciate your time and your feedback will be used to constantly improve our Challenges and Programmes.


If you have enjoying this Programme – please copy this link and share with other NHS Colleagues.