Introducing Your Daily Template:

Daily routines - building your NORMS. This is a Template to use EVERY day from now onwards (until it all becomes second nature).

  1. Watch today's short video (to the right)
  2. Click here to download today's Template
  3. Follow and complete the daily template today and do it diligently - each day it will become easier. 
  4. When you have completed the day - file your Daily Template in your folder. (& And print a new one ready for tomorrow)

Well done for completing this - a significant step!


  • The Printouts for all 5 Days can be found here [Click Here]

Note: If you can't print, please diary a few minutes per day (eg before you start work) to review the electronic versions of the templates. This will enable you to for the new habits that are so important.

  • The General Resources Page (with all book references for all Programmes) can be found here [Click Here]

If you are enjoying this challenge and getting a lot of value from it - please copy this link and share with other Management Teams.