The Time Saving Challenge – Day 1

Learn during week 1, implement for the next 3 weeks and then your life will be changed forever…

Step 1 Introduction:

A short clip to explain how this all works and to manage your expectations – we plan to have a bit of fun along the way!

Step 2 Goal Setting

What does goal setting have to do with saving time, I hear you ask!

The answer, is that you have to make some changes to your usual routines. We have to re-programme your habits from bad ones to good ones.

ANY change, where you have done things thousands of times before, is difficult; e.g. try changing the times of day that you brush you teeth – sounds simple but it’s not!

Therefore, if you REALLY want to change something – you have to take it deadly serious from the start and that is where Goal Setting comes in!

So please watch the video to the right and then Click here to download the template you need to start your journey

Step 3 – Background & Action

(Try to get into a routine of doing these sessions in the morning BEFORE the normal work day if possible.) 

  1. Watch the short video (to the right)
  2. Click here to complete today’s practical input ( watch the video to the right first).
  3. Organisation: (Get this right from the start)
  • Please find / order a small A4 folder / binder to keep all your daily programme print offs in – and insert the first Goal / Why template that you have completed
  • Set up an email Directory + Computer File Directory for all your emails and files / templates from Project Driver.

REMEMBER – the sequence of the programme is essential. DO NOT move on to another day until you have fully completed the previous day.

Well done for completing – every journey requires the first step.

ps give your accountability partner a brief heads up on what you have done today in Stickk and update on your goal and let them know how it feels to be doing this challenge.


Jim Rohn was references in today’s material – check out a very interesting video of his to the right



  • The Printouts for all 5 Days can be found here [Click Here]

Note: If you can’t print, please diary a few minutes per day (eg before you start work) to review the electronic versions of the templates. This will enable you to for the new habits that are so important.

  • The General Resources Page (with all book references for all Programmes) can be found here [Click Here]

Bonus – ONLY WATCH IF YOU HAVE MORE TIME than the allocated 30 minutes.

If you are enjoying this challenge and getting a lot of value from it – please copy this link and share with other NHS Colleagues. Remember – it’s free and your colleagues will be appreciative of support that can help them too.